Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Introducing The New Jelly Roll Club!

Jelly Roll Shop Invites You To Sign Up For The New "Jelly Roll Club".

One of Six new clubs being introduced at www.jellyrollshop.com

Each month we will ship you one of the "popular" Jelly Rolls in the Quilting World today.

No contracts so join anytime with no long term commitment.  Easy Peazy and so exciting to receive a "pampering you" package in the mail every month.

Just Click On The Picture Below And Get Your Club Started Today

Friday, January 26, 2024

Glow Ruler Multiplies

  • Well the first roll out of the Glow Ruler has  been very exciting.  So much so that the creator has now created 2 brand new models for you to chose from. Note the option of the right handed and the left handed rulers.
  • So in addition to the 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 which you will have seen and had the option of placing your pre order here at Jellyrollshop.com are the new ruler models to make your life even easier........
  • Don't hesitate, click on the ruler of your choice and place your pre order!


Carolina Moore Glow Ruler 12-1/2in Square
Click On The Picture Below To Place Your Order
Right Handed


Carolina Moore Glow Ruler 12-1/2in Square
Click On The Picture Below To Place Your Order
Left Handed


Carolina Moore Glow Ruler 6-1/2 x 24in
Click On The Picture Below To Place Your Order
Right Handed


Carolina Moore Glow Ruler 6-1/2 x 24in
Click On The Picture Below To Place Your Order
 Left Handed

Watch Carolina as she fills you in on these latest rulers

Thank You for watching from the Jellyrollshop Team!

Friday, January 19, 2024

 Blueberry Delight Quilt Kit by Bunnyhill Designs for Moda Fabrics

Click On The Video And Stephanie Will Show You The Kit

  • Place your order and let the creating begin... this gorgeous quilt kit has been created  by one of the most concise pattern designers in the industry.
  • Kit includes the Blueberry Delight Block of the Month Quilt Pattern plus the Blueberry Delight Fabrics by Bunny Hill Designs created by Moda.  Quilt measures 63" x 71" when complete.

  • Fabric Collection - Blueberry Delights
  • Fabric Designer - Bunny Hill Designs
  • Fabric Manufacturer - Moda Fabrics
  • Fabric Type - 100% Cotton
  • Quilt Size - Lap
  • Skill Level - Confident Beginner to Intermediate
  Click On The Picture Below To Order Your Kit Today     

Click On The Picture Above To Order Your Kit Today

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Exciting New Glow Ruler


We all want to make our lives' easier...

Well this new ruler will make your quilting life easier with a touch of more fun.

The New

Glow Ruler

is long overdue technology.

Take away that eye strain, take away that question of if you are seeing the line right!

Look no further, here it is.........

Click On The Video Below To See A Full Overview Of This Long Overdue Technology.

Oh, And Just One More Thing... No Batteries, Now That Is My Style!

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Cross Stitch Fun

A few months ago, I took up another hobby! I did not expect to have so much fun. This has opened another world. My first project honestly did not turn out to great. But I finished it and then it may have landed in the garbage. Now, I am on my third project, and I am totally in love! I have been working on the Honeybee Quaker pattern by Katie Rogers for Primrose Cottage. Here is the link to the pattern: https://www.jellyrollshop.com/shop/Notions/Cross-Stitch/p/Honeybee-Quaker-x73438306.htm . The pattern is great for beginners. It is very clear and does not have any shading or really anything to advanced. You do have to make sure the back is not crazy as it could show through to the front. This is a great opportunity to work advancing the skill a bit.  

Every new creation is it is a work in progress. I have now joined a hand stitching group at a drop-in center. I have learned so much from everyone and can’t thank everyone enough. I look forward to sharing this skill set with others.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

This is Us!

Living in rural Alberta and running a quilt shop! I thought I would start our very first blog post out with telling you a bit of our story. First off, I thought I would never be living in Falun, Alberta. Growing up on the west coast in Chilliwack, BC. We spent a lot of time going on trips with Mom to Vancouver and living a more “city” lifestyle. My Mother owned a Quilt shop which she purchased from my Grandparents when I was fours years old. As early as I can remember I was counting change and picking up the phone. My Nanny (Grandma) spent a lot of time taking care of me to help my Mom out. She got me sewing at a young age, so I have never feared the sewing machine and honestly do not worry about making mistakes. I do not always like everything that I create, but that is part of the journey. Other times I just adore what I have made.

I moved to Edmonton, Alberta shortly after high school and started working in Health Care. Then went off to night school to further the career that I never thought I would leave. At age twenty four I purchased a condo downtown Edmonton, this way I could walk to work. Little did I know I bought right across the hall from the man I would marry. Scott was nothing short of entertaining. He was always friendly and clean. He would chat with me as I did laundry in the shared laundry room. This was not a new building my any means. As our friendship grew, we would go out for supper or have a beer at a local pub. Soon our friendship grew into dating and shortly after we were engaged. Shortly after our wedding, we found out that we would be expecting our first child. Little did we know that this would change everything. We were both currently away at times for work. After the baby came, Scott told me that he wanted to go home. And he literally meant home! We were house sitting for his parents while they were away on a holiday, and we just never left. We moved on into Scott’s childhood home. Scott’s parents moved out shortly after this. As time went on, our family grew to four. 

As my kids started getting older, I came to realize that the quilt business was calling me. I wanted to do something that I loved. So, I started just online in the basement. Scott knocked out a wall so I could have a larger space in the basement. This is now my current sewing room. Before, I knew it I was outgrowing the basement. Somewhere in this timeframe, we also decided to get into meat goats. Life was busy, but also good. Soon Scott would join me as a full on business partner. Now, here we are in rural Alberta with 90 plus goats, a lot of garlic, and a quilt shop. I hope to inspire you with sharing my creation, business story, and a bit of country living.



Owner of Jelly Roll Shop

Picture is of my daughter (Viola) and I working on a Mondo Bag.

Introducing The New Jelly Roll Club!

Jelly Roll Shop Invites You To Sign Up For The New " Jelly Roll Club ". One of Six new clubs being introduced at www.jellyrollsho...